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Duepipharma is a company operating in the nutritional sector, developing and producing dietary supplements and foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs).

Our twenty years of experience in the nutritional field are available to national and international OSA operators.

We provide our clients with a team of pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists, and food biotechnologists who will support them during the industrialization phases of their product. This makes Duepipharma your ideal partner for developing a safe supplement.

Get to know the environments where we produce your product. We are available for an introductory visit.

Our Strengths

We guarantee
batch flexibility

We provide quick responses during quoting

We have hundreds of fully validated raw materials (guaranteeing safety and reproducibility for future batches)

Your business is secure

We offer ongoing assistance throughout the product lifecycle, thanks to regulatory monitoring and verification of declared quality standards.

Market Knowledge

Our in-house regulatory office ensures customer safety in the commercialization process, both in the national and European markets, as well as in the international market, where we boast solid expertise.

R&D Prototypes Department

Upon order confirmation, our Research and Development department will prototype your product, verify its actual industrialization, and validate its stability, also thanks to collaboration with certified external laboratories. Your peace of mind is our greatest reward.

What pharmaceutical forms:

We produce solid forms such as capsules, tablets, chewable and orodispersible tablets, powders, powders packed in sachets, and stick packs. We manufacture liquid forms such as solutions, syrups, and suspensions.

We package your products in blister packs, jars, bottles, and single-dose vials. We automate packaging for large batches and manually for smaller batches.

Coating in Coating Pan
We coat tablets in-house using a state-of-the-art coating pan that can even process small batches starting from a few tens of kilograms, providing either a cosmetic or functional coating (enteric coating).

Blister Packaging
We internally produce blister packs for capsules and tablets.

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