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For us, every person is unique and valuable, an enrichment to our company.

Therefore, the selection process is thorough and detailed. Duepipharma is a company that stands out in the market for its production quality and the flexibility of its industrial cycles.

Area manufacturing

The Manufacturing Area is dedicated to product manufacturing, adhering to the most rigorous methods and highest standards of hygiene and safety, in compliance with good manufacturing practices regulations. The team responsible for manufacturing creates blends of plant-based products, supplemented with vitamins, amino acids, or probiotics, applying production methods defined in collaboration with the Scientific Area.

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Regulatory Affairs Office

The Regulatory Affairs Office ensures that the written communication about a product complies with the regulations of the national or international sector. Collaborators in this department liaise with the Sales and Quality Offices to ensure that product labeling follows current regulations, in collaboration with the Graphic Office. Knowledge of food sector regulations is required

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Packaging Department

The Packaging Department completes the production cycle by placing the product in appropriate containers. Operators use machinery to package the product in various types of packaging such as blisters in boxes, jars, and bottles. The packaging operator liaises with a production and department manager who will update them promptly on new incoming productions and the packaging timelines they must adhere to.

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Sales Department

The Sales Department is involved in customer and project support activities, ensuring a product of excellence capable of competing in the dietary supplements market with the highest formulation and quality standards.

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Logistics Department

The Logistics Department manages the incoming
and outgoing goods from the production site.
Each item in the warehouse has its own item code
and final shelf location. The operator must have good
organizational skills, the ability to interact with the
production management, and manage relationships
with carriers. A reasonable knowledge of computer
systems is required.

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