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We have highly flexible and high-performing production lines capable of handling large quantities of products without compromising quality.
We provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology and rely on top-tier industrial partners in selecting our processing and control systems.

Innovative Products Section

Innovation doesn’t just mean introducing new design and production methods, but creating a positive change in the current state of affairs. That’s why Duepipharma’s R&D department, leveraging a proven collaboration with Unired (a university spinoff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Padua), can offer customized solutions for product innovation and the growth of healthcare companies’ know-how.

Many projects have combined Unired’s academic expertise with industrial design, resulting in new industrial solutions now present in the market. Contact our sales office and tell us about your project.

Powder Processing.
Duepipharma processes powders in high-containment environments.
At our production site, we mix using BIN technology without daily production limits.

Capsule Production.
Duepipharma manufactures capsules using automatic machines equipped with in-line weight control and semi-automatic machines for small batch production.

Tablet Production.
Duepipharma has multiple production lines dedicated to tablet manufacturing with the ability to create various formats. By using processing machines with different production capacities, we offer flexible batches with the same high-quality standards.

We have a technologically advanced facility capable of industrializing batches starting from 30 kg of product. We offer both cosmetic and functional coating (e.g., gastroresistance).

Dispensing Area.
In pharmaceutical-grade environments, powders are processed and sieved to achieve extremely high standards of homogeneity.

Blistering and Inline Cartoning Line.
Duepipharma packages its capsule and tablet products in blister packs. We have an inline cartoner for box packaging, with the option of inserting the package insert.

Regulatory Consulting Service.
We follow and assist our clients throughout all phases of their industrial projects. We have a dedicated regulatory office for national and international development.

In a modern industrial context, Duepipharma provides its clientele with personnel boasting decades of experience in the nutritional sector, with competencies continually updated to industry standards.

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