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Customized cosmetics are also available!

  • Tailored to batch requirements, we are flexible and capable
    of meeting both small and large volumes.
  • Tailored to the client’s approach to the cosmetics world,
    from natural to high-tech cosmetics.
  • Tailored because for us, there should be no project that
    doesn’t start with a research base.

We offer cosmetics for personal care and animals, suitable for
every gender and age group. In case the client is uncertain,
we have a wide range of basic formulations available.

Our goal is to develop distinctive and effective products, always
prioritizing safety, both in terms of raw materials and packaging.
We carefully select our supplier partners, preferring specialized
references in individual categories.

Formulations are meticulously researched and refined, focusing
on distinctive and targeted mechanisms of action. Active
ingredients and carriers synergize to reach target skin layers
where they stimulate and defend biological functions.

For us, active ingredients and cosmetic bases are equally
important because each active or active blend can perform
optimally when combined with the right mix of oils,
emulsifiers, and polymers.”

Each product is safety and stability monitored. Upon request,
efficacy tests can be conducted by independent laboratories,
along with measurements of molecule penetration capacity and
analysis with state-of-the-art skin scanners.

We have experience in every market segment, from sales to
, and we offer our expertise to guide our clients
towards meeting consumer needs.

Our packaging solutions also involve close collaboration with
leading research institutes. We guide our clients in making
informed choices about packaging use
, as environmental
protection is also our responsibility.

Our internal team comprises a multidisciplinary team that
continuously fuels project development, reaching new milestones
every year through a deep understanding of aging biological

I emphasized the key phrases that highlight your strengths
and capabilities as a company. Let me know if there are any
other parts you need help with!

Our Offer

Facial Care

Mask, Cleansing Milk, Biphasic Makeup Remover, Mousse, Scrub, Toner, Serum, Fluid, Cream, Cream-Gel, Lipogel.

Body Care

Scrub, Cream, Butter, Gel, Oil, Serum.

Hair Care

Ampoules, Shampoo for dry, damaged, curly or straight hair, Lotion, Serums.

Pet Care

Shampoo, Conditioner, Restructuring Creams, Antimicrobial Cream.

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