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Duepipharma was founded in 2008 from the experience and passion of pharmacists to meet the demands of a then “young” market such as dietary supplements.

Today, the company has grown in expertise, size, and technology, positioning itself as a strong leader in professional skills capable of providing comprehensive services across all major pharmaceutical forms in a mature market.

We manufacture solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms, assist our clients in regulatory matters, new project development, and monitor products even after delivery to the customer.

We have dedicated departments for pilot batch industrialization, ensuring the same quality standards as large-scale productions.

Our 2021 partnership with UNIFARCO S.p.A. has brought new resources and competencies, reinforcing the initial vision of the project itself.

For these reasons, Duepipharma represents the ideal partner in the wellness market for the development of customized AFMS dietary supplements tailored to your company.

Cutting-edge infrastructure
for sensitive products.

Duepipharma has controlled humidity, temperature, and pressure environments to meet the needs of clients seeking to produce sensitive products such as probiotics, easily oxidizable substances, or those sensitive to environmental humidity.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Villorba, near Treviso, Duepipharma has created an innovative production site spanning over 3000 square meters with research and development areas fully serving our clientele.

  • 3000 sqm of production area.
  • 2,000,000 tablets per daily production cycle.
  • 500,000 capsules per daily production cycle.
  • 1.5 tons of powders processed per daily production cycle.
  • 500 kg of coated tablets per daily production cycle.
  • 60,000 daily blister packs.
  • 50,000 processed boxes per production cycle.
  • 20,000 filled pill dispensers per production cycle.
  • Liquids starting from 500 liters of workable solutions.

Average production per work shift







Coated tablets




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