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The Research and Development department at Duepipharma has industrialized hundreds of formulations over the years, verifying their stability and industrial safety.
These formulations, free from patent or intellectual property constraints, are available to clients who want quick access to a dynamic market, meeting the needs for speed, flexibility, and reduced time-to-market.
Contact our sales office to discover the most suitable formulation proposals for your project.

Sector wellness

The sectors targeted by the dietary supplement are:

Cognitive wellness, providing ingredients and substances that counteract oxidative aging.

Cardiovascular wellness: thanks to the availability of dozens of ingredients that can boast a proven action on metabolisms such as cholesterol control and lipid metabolism; or by counteracting carbohydrate absorption.

Immune system wellness. Western phytotherapy offers many extracts that counteract oxidative stress, promoting the well-being of the immune system.

Gastrointestinal well-being. In recent years, the focus on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle has increased awareness of the importance of a healthy gut. The world of probiotics, fibers, and botanicals represents one of the sectors where Duepipharma has significant authority in the market. Among the few to work with these raw materials in controlled humidity environments (our clean rooms reach humidity <20%), we can deliver to our clients a product of the highest industrial quality. Among the main categories of supplements are: Acidity – Bloating – Anti-reflux – Digestion – Nausea

Osteo-muscular well-being. Knowledge of the safest mineral sources, their bioavailability, and the most effective formulation combinations make Duepipharma your ideal partner in creating a product that supports the well-being of the elderly and those with nutritional deficiencies of these substances.

Winter wellness: development of antitussive and balsamic syrups, balsamic chewable tablets, and emollient action for oral cavity well-being.

Genitourinary system. We produce supplements in tablets, capsules, and sachets.

Beauty industry

Beauty and Anti-age: The dietary supplements market complements and enhances the dermocosmetics sector in creating products that combat cellular aging and support connective tissue tone. Duepipharma boasts proven expertise in the anti-aging sector and offers dozens of validated formulations for companies looking to establish their business in one of the most commercially vibrant sectors.

Sports sector

Creating a safe and effective product represents Duepipharma’s industrial focus. Sports nutrition stands as one of the most important segments of dietary supplementation. Our company employs raw materials and ingredient sources among the most qualified internationally.

For instance, we produce branched-chain amino acids in various ratios and assemble amino acid pools in tablets or powder form. We have industrial relationships with major European producers of proteins sourced from animal or plant-based origins. We manufacture proteins from dairy or plant-based sources for vegetarian clientele.

Among the most current demands are thermogenics, diuretics, and detox products.

Special Diet Supplements

Low Sugar Dietary Supplements, High Fiber, High Protein Foods, or Ketogenic Diet Supplements.

Immune System

Cough and Cold
Respiratory Tract

Beauty from Within
Weight Management
Skin, Hair, and Nail Wellness
Leg Antioxidants

Metabolic System
Lactose Intolerance
Gluten Intolerance

Mental Well-being
Sleep and Jet Lag
Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
Study Fatigue
Cognitive Functions

Active Aging
Cognitive Functions
Skeletal and Joint System
Cardiovascular Health

Genitourinary System
Vaginal Dryness
Urinary Tract Infections
Erectile Dysfunction

Gastrointestinal System

Vitamins and Minerals

Menstrual Cycle

Oral Hygiene
Oral Care

Muscle Recovery
Muscle Building
Age-Related Muscle Loss

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