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Private label production of
dietary supplements and foods
for special medical purposes (FSMPs)

We adopt large-scale production technologies starting from
small batches.
We cater to companies operating in the general food
supplementation and sports medicine sectors, medical
studies, wellness centers operating in the Wellness sector,
and companies operating in the PET supplementation
sector (complementary feeds).

From small batches to large volumes,
maintaining the same quality

We produce

Gastro-resistant capsules
Swallowable tablets
Orally disintegrating tablets
Extended-release tablets
Coated tablets
Gastro-resistant tablets
Multi-dose liquids

Quality Control

We monitor the product throughout the study and production process.
Chemical and physical checks are primarily entrusted to our in-house quality laboratory.
Internally, production is monitored with continuous checks aimed at detecting any deviations from expectations, if any.
Microbiological analyses of the products are entrusted to our partner laboratories, among the most authoritative in Europe and accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Production Flexibility

We manufacture supplements in both small batches and large quantities.

We have highly flexible machinery capable of meeting the needs of small and medium-sized clients, and our production lines are diversified according to batch sizes:

Semi-automatic plants are ideal for small supplement productions.

Fully automated machinery can handle large quantities with extremely low operating costs.

Minimum batch sizes*:

  • Liquid forms: 500 liters
  • Capsules: 50,000 units
  • Tablets: 50,000 units
  • Blister packs in various formats: 15,000

*Average values to be confirmed after formulation study.

Certified Organic Company

Attention to Packaging

We pay great attention to primary and secondary
packaging, seeking partners that provide recycled
and recyclable products, as well as
FSC-certified packaging.

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